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EX Series

The EX Series is the current state of the art within the Accelerometer Market. The EX Series was fifth major introduction into Yamax Pedometers; it too is an accelerometer. You will find the EX Series to be quite small and sleek; it is designed to fit comfortably in a pocket or purse. The EX Series can be configured for either Metric or Standard.

The EX Series has a thirty day memory and weekly totals for up to thirty weeks. Since an accelerometer is constantly collecting data, the average battery life is about five months on other models; Japanese Engineers have managed to enable the Yamax EX Accelerometer to function for about twelve months on a single battery. This battery is easily found and easily replaceable; we offer them on our web site.

The EX Series is a product of Japanese Quality & Engineering. You will find the pricing competitive with lesser quality accelerometers that are mass produced in other countries. Check out the EX Series (menu bar on the left) to shop & see a complete list of features.

Volume Pricing and Custom Labels are available upon demand [Call Gary at (888) 339-2067].


ESX-510 (USA Units)





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