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About Us

Gary Tschirhart has been the owner of Optimal Health Products and YamaxUSA for over two decades. We have recently merged these two companies into Fit Solutions, Inc. which can still be reached under the umbrella of Yamax.com. Gary has sold more than a hundred thousand Yamax pedometers. Thousands of you have been very pleased with the products and service provided by Gary Tschirhart; you can expect more of the same from Fit Solutions, Inc.

We have been supplying medical researchers, health providers, corporate wellness programs, universities and retailers with pedometers since our inception. After searching for a way to measure clients activity; we became aware of pedometer and accelerometer as an affordable and accurate way to achieve this. Yamax Corporation (Japan) has been in the pedometer and accelerometer business for over 50 years and leads the world in producing the most accurate, reliable, easy-to-use and affordable pedometers.

Since walking is now the most popular activity for achieving and maintaining good health, many other manufacturers have quickly entered the pedometer market from countries such as China and Taiwan. As many of our clients have found; “you get what you pay for” and after trying these sometimes less expensive units, have returned to the Yamax models for accuracy and durability. Though some models may copy the look of the Digi-Walker models, the internal components are far from the same and this has been shown in comparative clinical trials to be the difference in establishing ours as the “gold standard” by which others are compared. This is why we say “Details that count”.

Yamax.com is the North America Distributor for Yamax Pedometers.



Why Yamax?

Many clinical trials have preferred the Yamax Pedometers for years. Integrative Health Technologies is one of several medical research foundations who use Yamax exclusively. Our pedometers are currently being used in at least five on-going medical clinical trials at this time. Yamax pedometers are being used because they have been proven to be the most accurate, precise, and reliable pedometers.

Top 10 Rating

YAMAX pedometers have received a Top 10 rating from a variety of ratings group.  Here is one example:

The YAMAX EX-510 Power Walker is known for its sharp accuracy. Most of pedometers over-count steps; however, the YAMAX pedometer includes an 11-step filter. It implies that it has an allowance of 11 steps before starting gto count. This feature makes it among the most-accurate pedometers on the market. The YAMAX power Walker EX-51 can also count your steps; take your weight and monitor calories used. It is light and small. It can easily fit your pocket.